Social Care 

I have worked extensively with young people in care, care leavers, young people in prison and other groups with complex needs


I have produced projects in children's homes, delivered advocacy in prison settings, created large scale events in partnership with social service departments and faciilitated research tours across multiple care settings. 


My Doctoral research examined the use for creative methods as a tool with looked after children.

Theatre / Events

I am a theatre professional with specific expertise in: immersive theatre, multi modal installation work, community theatre, devising, improvisation, children's theatre, theatre for development. 


I have produced numerous large scale workshops and theatre productions. I am interested in the relationship between process and product and collaborative forms of theatre and film making.


Housing Associations

I have worked with Housing Associations since 2004. 


In this time I have developed localised and large scale projects using drama, film, photography, collaborative creative research techniques, community events, exhibitions and installations. 


I have produced projects across inner city areas that improved communication and relationships between communities, developed new practice within housing associations, enhanced confidence and feelings of self worth among participants, helped to 'reframe' groups in the eyes of agencies and professionals, generated funding for more on-site work.