I use multi media, high energy games, missions and improvisation games to inspire participants.


Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the group and the specifics of the commission. 


Installations, performances, exhibitions, screenings, showcases.

Events help to celebrate the participants' work, to showcase messages and demonstrate specific processes.

Directing & Devising 

I  deliver workshops to adults and young people to develop their confidence and characterisation. 


Improvisation workshops awaken inner instinctive responses and imaginative thought. 


I specialise in directing immersive, progressive theatre pieces using a range of conventions.


 I ensure groups have geniune ownership over project processes and outcomes. 

Projects will usually work towards a produced and/or performed piece. 

Promotional Films

 I produce promotional films for charities/organisations to capture their work work and it's impact. These films are used to help generate further funding and promote their work.  



Film based Work

Film work is inclusive and inventive.

Participants help to create different worlds and realities whilst also learning about the filmaking process.


Consultancy, Participatory Research 

I lecture and advise on:

collaborative community research techniques, child centred practice and applied theatre models.